About Robert Barker, CNMT, FMCHC

I began my career in the field of bodywork over 20 years ago in 1998, and it has been a passion of mine ever since. Over the years I have continued studies in many different modalities. Certain modalities grabbed my attention, and others were interesting but didn’t fit in the direction I was moving. The main driver of my continued learning was dealing with issues I couldn’t solve because of a lack of knowledge or skill. That continues to be the case.

 In 2007 I began to study exercise physiology and became a certified personal trainer. Ultimately I was led in a neurological direction, from Neuromuscular Therapy to Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex to Z- Health, as everything is controlled by the brain and nervous system. Recently I moved beyond the field of manual therapy and movement into the fields of diet, lifestyle, nutrition, and coaching, as these are the foundation of our health and wellness.

​All that being said, a session with me can look a bit odd. I look at posture, gait, eyes, balance, and coordination. I muscle test, tap, rub, do deep tissue, have you make sounds, stand on one leg. I may ask you how you sleep and when you eat or if you like your job. I may even tickle you (for therapeutic reasons, of course), and you will see and feel positive results.


Some Client Testimonials

Recovering from physical injuries requires time, guidance and hard work. If you are willing to do the hard work over a period of time to progress however slowly in pursuit of the maximum recovery potential, Robert Barker is your best choice!

After 3 years of rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury, I found Robert. My left leg was extremely weak, I was unable to walk independently and was in a full leg brace for 2 years. I have been working with Robert for the last 16 months; after the first 6 months he got me to stop wearing the leg brace and I have progressed with my gait more now then the previous 3 years!

Robert’s expertise and knowledge of Neuromuscular Therapy has taken me to a whole new level! His insight and dedication to my unique issues have been the turning point in my recovery. For these reasons, I call him my Guru; knowledgeable, skillful, caring, and his awareness of Neuromuscular work have forged me in the right direction!

Although I do work hard, I would never have the success I have now without Roberts’s work, he’s an expert in his field! 

Patty Damen-Gilpin

In the last 16 years I’ve been to every sort of specialist I can think of. I’ve had x-rays, MRIs, heck, even a spinal tap! (Yes they really do exist.) I’ve done physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates. I had pains all over. And you know what all those specialists and procedures did for me? Pretty much diddly-squat (though yoga does make me feel a bit better, it never actually resolved any of the underlying issues. And much of the time I’d end up with new issues because my muscles were not working in harmony as they were meant to.) All I ever got was minor and usually temporary relief.

I found Robert on the internet, though he says most of his clients are referrals, which I can understand. I’ve made appointments with him for two of my family members already and plan on sending the others who have stubborn pain or functionality issues.

Robert has helped me and continues to help me to undo the problems that poor posture, accidents, poor workout technique, and failed attempts to correct the issues had left me with. I had never seen results anything close to those I am getting with Robert. I continue to see him, not because I am now all better and have to see him to stay that way. But rather, because I am continuing to see improvement each time I see him. I’m also learning how to fix the issues and patterns that had created many of the problems in the first place. I knew for so long that there was someone who could help me overcome the pain and functionality issues I had dealt with for over 15 years and I am grateful to have finally found him. Thank you, Robert.

Filipe C.

I have suffered from back pain for over twenty years. Principally bulging discs pressing on my spinal chord and muscles going into spasm. Over that time I have seen lots of therapists who treated the symptoms and brought some temporary relief. I roll, stretch and exercise but the pain would always return. Robert has been able to identify some of the underlying issues causing the problems. He has worked on my balance systems and nervous system to improve my posture and body mechanics. With his guidance I feel I have made real progress towards some permanent improvements.

Gordon Cousins