I first met Robert when I was struggling mightily with chronic strains in both hamstrings for over two years. I had tried different kinds of physical therapy to no avail. Within a month of seeing Robert, I was able to walk and jog with no pain and months and now years later I have had no recurrence of the strains whatsoever. Over time, I saw Robert to help with a number of smaller injuries and aches. The conversations we’d have, the questions he’d ask gradually prompted me to delve more deeply into other wellness topics, namely nutrition and gut health.

The work I was doing with Robert gradually evolved to focus on gut health and food sensitivities, but my exploration in the wellness realm has been rich and diverse. Working with Robert has involved a total paradigm shift in how I understand my body, food, and health. Over time, I understand topics and aspects of my own body and mind in a more holistic way and, perhaps most importantly, began to see myself as a powerful agent in my own healing and health. I started feeling better, developed more confidence in my knowledge and began to actively guide my journey in health forward.

Robert wields an expertise in all manner of topics from the neurology of pain, to food sensitivities, to gut health and I have benefited from this immensely. However, Robert also supports and empowers me to investigate, read, experiment, and apply my knowledge. My interest and new found passion for wellness is a direct result of meeting Robert and because of that my life and those close to me are changed in fundamental (and really healthy) ways.

I’m so grateful for you Robert!


In the last 16 years I’ve been to every sort of specialist I can think of. I’ve had x-rays, MRIs, heck, even a spinal tap! (Yes they really do exist.) I’ve done physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates. I had pains all over. And you know what all those specialists and procedures did for me? Pretty much diddly-squat (though yoga does make me feel a bit better, it never actually resolved any of the underlying issues. And much of the time I’d end up with new issues because my muscles were not working in harmony as they were meant to.) All I ever got was minor and usually temporary relief.

I found Robert on the internet, though he says most of his clients are referrals, which I can understand. I’ve made appointments with him for two of my family members already and plan on sending the others who have stubborn pain or functionality issues.

Robert has helped me and continues to help me to undo the problems that poor posture, accidents, poor workout technique, and failed attempts to correct the issues had left me with. I had never seen results anything close to those I am getting with Robert. I continue to see him, not because I am now all better and have to see him to stay that way. But rather, because I am continuing to see improvement each time I see him. I’m also learning how to fix the issues and patterns that had created many of the problems in the first place. I knew for so long that there was someone who could help me overcome the pain and functionality issues I had dealt with for over 15 years and I am grateful to have finally found him. Thank you, Robert.

Filipe C.

Recovering from physical injuries requires time, guidance and hard work. If you are willing to do the hard work over a period of time to progress however slowly in pursuit of the maximum recovery potential, Robert Barker is your best choice!
 After 3 years of rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury, I found Robert. My left leg was extremely weak, I was unable to walk independently and was in a full leg brace for 2 years. I have been working with Robert for the last 16 months; after the first 6 months he got me to stop wearing the leg brace and I have progressed with my gait more now than the previous 3 years!

Robert’s expertise and knowledge of Neuromuscular Therapy has taken me to a whole new level! His insight and dedication to my unique issues have been the turning point in my recovery. For these reasons, I call him my Guru; knowledgeable, skillful, caring, and his awareness of Neuromuscular work have forged me in the right direction!

Although I do work hard, I would never have the success I have now without Robert’s work, he’s an expert in his field! 

Patty Damen-Gilpin

I have suffered from back pain for over twenty years. Principally bulging discs pressing on my spinal cord and muscles going into spasm. Over that time I have seen lots of therapists who treated the symptoms and brought some temporary relief. I roll, stretch and exercise but the pain would always return. Robert has been able to identify some of the underlying issues causing the problems. He has worked on my balance systems and nervous system to improve my posture and body mechanics. With his guidance I feel I have made real progress towards some permanent improvements.

Gordon Cousins

I highly recommend Robert for your bodywork needs. He was a student when I was an instructor for St. John Seminars. Robert also attended some of my movement reeducation seminars. In all instances, Robert showed that he has an advanced degree of knowledge and palpatory skills and has integrated that knowledge into his sessions. I am very confident of his work and can’t recommend him highly enough. In fact, when I left California, I referred my clients to him. You are in capable hands.

Deborah Kimmet, Owner, PMT



In March of 2010, I had a serious car accident with a fracture of my T12 vertebra. I am a Nurse Practitioner and had worked for several years in a large trauma unit, so I had a very good idea of the rehabilitation that was ahead. One week after my accident Robert started very carefully working on my back and I was astounded at what happened with just the first two treatments. I went off pain medication and began to walk with significantly more ease. For the next 8 weeks Robert worked on my back, carefully releasing spasm and trauma. I was completely amazed at how quickly I began to recover with his careful and skilled work.

I was completely healed, but continue to see Robert for old structural issues that are now surfacing after having this deep and realigning work done.

I cannot say enough for Robert’s expertise and skilled bodywork. I have recommended dozens of friends to him for various ailments, and they have all been so pleased! Thank you is not enough, Robert!! Keep laying your hands on people!! You are the best!!



After years of living with chronic back, shoulder, arm, and hand pain—and exploring many avenues of possible help—I was referred to Robert by a close friend. Robert’s work has transformed my life. So many daily activities that used to be painful no longer are: bending to do household tasks, getting in and out of a car, gripping and twisting a doorknob, arising from a chair, writing with a pen or pencil.

For decades, I suffered from frequent debilitating migraines. Within months of seeing Robert, my headaches all but disappeared! Robert used a multi-pronged approach on me. In addition to our sessions of deep-tissue work, he gave me exercises that have led to a huge drop in my pain level.

Robert also recommended more appropriate supplements. In addition, he observed and corrected my leg-length difference with a simple shoe lift. This man is a miracle worker. I highly recommend him to anyone living with pain. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent!

Pamela McManus

This guy knows his stuff!! I’ve had chronic back pain for about 10 weeks now since injuring it. My knee has also been bothering me quite a bit. Robert was extremely professional & punctual yet very relaxed and made me feel very comfortable. His SF office is easy to get to, parking was simple. The old Victorian has a calming “zen” feel inside. No clutter, very clean and spacious. He used a massage table and worked his magic using several different modalities of bodywork. Energetic to therapeutic and everything in between. After about 20 minutes of bodywork he asked me to go up and down the stairs, the results were unbelievable!! Absolutely painless. It was really mind-blowing!! When the hour session was finished I was just blown away by the results 🙂

I will continue to see him again and again, even after the pain is gone for good bc the work he does plays such a major part in keeping my body balanced.

Jessica C.

Mr Barker’s work was professional, working with me to identify issues and areas of physical difficulties and most important real changes, which resulted in reducing pain, discomfort and increased mobility and movement.

David C Rosen

Robert is an excellent bodyworker, serious, realistic and effective.

Dennis Bumstead

Robert is intuitive and clearly knows the workings of the physical body, how it functions, and how to relate to and serve it! He helped me to take greater responsibility. I hope he gets some of the exercises he prescribed for me in print somewhere!

Richard Silk

CMT, NMT, bodyworker- none of these describe Robert’s talent. When medical and chiropractic therapies failed to adequately address my neck pain following an auto accident, Robert zeroed right in on the cause and relieved my pain greatly. Robert has a true gift and is a true healer. I count on him to help me move and live life!

Suzanne Cochrane

I am a windsurfer and mountain biker. I first came to Robert because of months of elbow pain (tendonitis). Robert worked on my elbows and forearms, and within a few months I was pain free, while still continuing with my sports. I highly recommend Robert Barker.


Robert Barker is a Professor of Bodywork. His knowledge of human anatomy and function is unmatched in the massage therapy profession. I have worked with him as a peer in a health care center focusing on alternative therapies, and as a client for over 8 years. I respect his work immensely, because of his ability to integrate science and the arts of human physiology and body mechanics.

Randy Gibson, Lac, MS, MA

Medical Director, 9 Corners Center for Balanced Living

In 1971 I sprained my back for the first time and was diagnosed with scoliosis. After many long years of pain from subsequent sprains – and countless regular visits to chiropractors (only one of whom helped me significantly), I was finally graced to be treated by Robert in late 2009. Using his expertise in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), he was the only health care practitioner who correctly diagnosed the primary root cause of the scoliosis – my right lower leg bone was a bit over 5/8 inch shorter than my left! Quite a surprising revelation!

So I began wearing shoes specially made with the right sole that much thicker, receiving regular NMT treatments from Robert to work out all the compensatory muscular knots, and doing exercises he prescribed. After a few months my spine was so much straighter, walking and standing much more effortless, and the constant muscle tightness relieved. Nine months later, I suddenly noticed the most amazing effect – my jaw now opens twice as far with no painful bumpy clicking – it now tracks smoothly and simply while opening and closing rather than looking and feeling like it’s going over a speed bump!

I am SO grateful that Robert appeared in my life and relieved me of so many years of physical suffering. He will always be my first choice of healer whenever I need help with a physical injury or pain. I recommend him to everyone.


Robert is one of the most professional, well educated, proficient therapists that I have worked with. His commitment to his education is beyond compare. Robert has co-taught with me for many years and completes the training in so many ways. It is always a treat when Robert works on me.

Venice Sullivan

Owner / Therapist, HOPE Healing Therapists

I have had a fairly dysfunctional shoulder for approximately 15 years. I thought it was a torn rotator cuff or at the very least a frozen shoulder, and in fact had had it diagnosed as one or the other on several separate occasions. The limitation of movement was the biggest problem and especially relative to swimming, and being an Australian for whom freestyle swimming is a cultural necessity, it was a most unhappy and often painful limitation.

I was recently in the U.S. and was recommended to Robert Barker, who I had heard had an unusual facility for diagnosing a problem and a unique healing sensitivity. He recognized it immediately as a bad habit pattern that had grown around an initial injury and with his healing modality and an excellent exercise program I discovered to my joy that I can now swim my beloved freestyle without any effort. I would recommend Robert without any hesitation.

Venice Lorraine Barnes

New Zealand

As someone misdiagnosed with a (structural) scoliosis as a child, I had resigned myself to a life of constant chiropractic treatments as a way to cope with on-going back pain. Robert identified that I actually had a leg length difference, then helped me adjust the resultant long-term muscular imbalances. Now, the endless chiropractor trips are over. I haven’t missed a day of work due to my back going out for years. What I was told would be a chronic, incurable problem is gone! Robert fixes problems for real and they stay fixed!


I’ve been seeing Robert for over 4 years now, throughout 2 pregnancies. He has always been able to find and cure all of my aches and even relieve tension I didn’t realize I had until it was gone. I’m always astonished how the source of one pain, is often alleviated when he works on other parts of my body. He knows exactly what he is doing. He has been a great help during both my pregnancies and with the stress that being a mom has had on my body.